An ethical photographer


I've been a professional photographer for over 10 years now, capturing a vast range of events, brands, and experiences World Wide. From Billionaire Birthday parties to five-star interiors, TED talks to luxury car lifestyle shoots. My camera has unlocked a diverse range of opportunities I am so grateful to have received. (See my clients list)

I take photos from the heart. Capturing the essence of a moment, the authenticity of a lifestyle image, the intimacy of a wedding, the atmosphere of a destination.

 I'm also a changemaker, and writer.

After a degree in Ecology and Conservation, I knew I wanted to have a positive impact on the World. I taught myself how to take pictures through practice and experiment. You can watch my TEDx talk here about my journey from investigative journalism with VICE to producing positive news stories for Al Jazeera.


With this new direction, I have turned my lens to purpose, taking a more specific angle on projects that benefit People and Planet. Primarily working with ethical organisations to story-tell their positive impact. 

- - - 

What's an ethical photographer?

Firstly I spend the money I earn as a conscious consumer. This means organic, local, and fair or direct trade food. Investing in cooperative food systems buying 2nd hand clothing or highly ethical products and clothing. 


I am always finding new ways to make my work as ethical as possible, for example: sharing or hiring photography kit, rather than buying my own. Using high-quality long-lasting rechargeable batteries. Traveling as much as possible via public transport, train, and car shares. I also provide discounted rates for projects that are significantly enhancing the environment, peace, and prosperity. (sometimes completely free)


And most importantly, all my photography work enables me to volunteer on the 

(non-profit) tech start-up I co-founded; Dignity platform: 

Building the gig economy for good.

- - - 

I'm based in London, England,

Open to collaborations, connections, and trades.

(home & abroad)




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